Playbook Library


Playbook Library

Delegation is an art, but we’re turning it into a science.

Athena’s Playbook Library is stacked with playbooks so you can delegate like the best in the world. Playbooks unlock the door to transformative delegation using real-world experiences tested by delegators and their Executive Assistants. Supercharge the partnership with your EA, sharpen your delegation skills, and take back more time.


What you get with Playbooks

Inspiration and ideas for what to delegate

Matching education your EA to use

Tried-and-tested blueprints showing how to delegate

The power to take back more time in every area of your life


How Delegating Works?

Our playbooks will fill your delegation idea bank and ignite your ability to delegate more. They’re the inspiration you need to catapult what your EA is taking on to the next level. Playbooks give tangible ideas of tasks, projects, and processes you can delegate with step-by-step outlines that make the delegation stick.

Each playbook:

Is based on real-world methods tested by delegators and their EAs who have more than 120 million hours of cumulative delegation experience.

Gets organized into one of seven categories — Foundations, Essentials, Career, Lifestyle, Health, Fulfillment, and Relationships — and is designed to deliver a clear-cut outcome when you empower an EA to become your point person.

Goes hand-in-hand with a matching curriculum and robust resources for your EA, so it’s easy for them to get up to speed quickly and succeed.