Frequently Asked Questions

Why StaffScaler?

How does working with StaffScaler differ from a virtual assistant or a traditional staffing company?

StaffScaler is different in two ways. First, our mission is a win-win for you and your remote Executive Assistant. With StaffScaler, you’ll form one-to-one partnerships where your goals become your Remote Employee’s to help you reach your highest potential. And your Remote Employee will access an incredible career opportunity not readily available for them locally. Second, your dedicated Remote Employee is more than just a one-off task taker. You’ll leverage significant impact across your career and reach new levels of fulfillment, health, and stronger relationships. The goal of an StaffScaler Remote Employee partnership is complete integration into the landscape of your life.

Why should I hire an StaffScaler Remote Employee instead of hiring an Remote Employee on my own?

We hire and train the world’s best Executive Assistants. We start with the top 1% of applicants, perform thorough background and reference checks, and provide ongoing training and education, so your Remote Employee continuously improves their skills. Every Remote Employee has a personal coach and an extensive network of peers they can rely on to answer their questions and conquer almost any obstacle. And to take additional work off your plate, your Remote Employee is employed through StaffScaler and receives fair compensation, benefits, and more.

Remote Employee Recruitment & Training

How does StaffScaler select Remote Employees?

We have an incredible employer reputation and receive nearly 1000 Remote Employee applications daily. Of which only 1% of applicants are accepted. Every Remote Employee undergoes our rigorous recruitment process. We screen each candidate for soft skills and enormous potential. Before being eligible to be partnered with you, they must take personality, cognitive, and English tests before undergoing immersive training on real-world tasks, including calendar, travel, and inbox management

Your Partnership

How can my Remote Employee help me?

The sky is the limit from what you can delegate to your remote employee.

Here are a few examples of what StaffScaler Members have delegated to their Remote Employees:

  • Research and information seeking

  • Identifying networking opportunities

  • Event planning

  • Meeting preparation

  • Household management

  • Personal shopping

  • Meal planning

  • Communication management

  • Database and reporting management

  • Health and wellness management

  • Appointment booking

  • Recruitment efforts

  • Online branding and presence

  • Habit forming and goal management

  • Family and relationship management

Does my Remote Employee work with any other clients?

No, your Remote Employee works with you and no one else. We believe in the power of a one-to-one relationship to maximize leverage in your professional and personal life.

Can I share my Remote Employee with my executive team and or business partner?

Yes, provided that the remote employee will be doing the same nature of work.

What time zone does my Remote Employee work in?

Our Remote Employees are located overseas but work on a schedule determined by your needs. Whether your Remote Employee works during your time zone or asynchronously is up to you.

Are there best practices for setting up my Remote Employee's work schedule?

We recommend a fixed working schedule with daily overlap between you and your Remote Employee, especially at the beginning of the partnership. Most Remote Employees start one hour before their client to complete inbox sweeps and brief them at the top of the day. As the partnership evolves, you can shift to whatever schedule works best for you and your Remote Employee. Some clients build a team of Remote Employees to increase coverage and capacity.

How many hours a week does my Remote Employee work?

Every Remote Employee works 40 hours per week (five business days) with two consecutive days off. You can discuss your preferences with your Remote Employee.

What happens if my EA works more than 40 hours some weeks?

Some weeks are busier than others. But if your Remote Employee consistently works more than 40 hours a week. Overtime would be discuss between you and your remote employee.

How do I provide feedback on my Remote Employee's performance?

Our most successful partnerships provide real-time, direct feedback on a daily basis directly to the employee. During onboarding, An Account Manager will be assigned to you who will check in regularly to ensure your partnership is progressing.

What happens if the partnership with my Remote Employee isn't working out?

Substantial leverage is born from long-term partnerships between a Client and an Remote Employee. But sometimes, a partnership doesn’t work out. If this happens, your Account Manager will address any concerns or performance issues and work to resolve them. We will partner you with a different Remote Employee if things don’t improve.

Pricing & Payment

What are your pricing and payment terms?

Your Remote Employee works 40+ hours a week (170+ hours per month.)

How does my Remote Employee receive payment?

Your Remote Employee is employed and paid through StaffScaler. There is an expectation that remote employees will be paid fortnightly.