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How do we select Remote Employees?

Every Remote Employee undergoes our rigorous recruitment process. We screen each candidate for soft skills and enormous potential. Before being eligible to be partnered with you, they must take personality, cognitive, and English tests before undergoing immersive training on real-world tasks, including calendar, travel, and inbox management.

How does StaffScaler differ from traditional recruitment consultants?

We are different in two ways. Firstly, our mission is a win-win for you and your remote employee. With StaffScaler, you’ll form one to-one partnerships where your goals become your Remote Employee’s to help you achieve your highest potential. And your Remote Employee will access an incredible career opportunity not readily available for them locally. Second, your dedicated Remote Employee is more than just a one-off task taker. You’ll leverage significant impact across your business and reach new levels of fulfillment, The goal of a StaffScaler Remote Employee partnership is strive for complete integration into the landscape of your business.

What is the typical lead time for working with an Remote Employee?

Prospective members who request membership are added to the waitlist. Waitlist times vary from a few days to a few weeks and depend on our current demand, Remote Employee availability, and the ideal start date you specify. Once you’re off the waitlist, it takes two to four weeks from signing off on your partnership until you complete onboarding and launch the relationship with your Remote Employee.